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Practice or Talent?

The book, ‘Practice or Talent?’ helps you discover the answers to these questions, by looking at what makes people musical and helping you find your musical potential.

Inspired by my piano and singing students. To help people reach their musical potential by understanding the difference between practice and talent.

It includes 21 practical tips on improving your music practice to help you become the musician you always wanted to be.

Motivating and informative

The book was easy to read and broken down into bite size pieces so it was easy to focus on specific aspects of information. It is suitable for a wide age range and written in an approachable style which is encouraging and motivational.

Mrs. J. Sherwood

A no-nonsense book

A no-nonsense book, written in a nurturing and encouraging manner. Having seen Lisa perform, it is clear to see that she really does practice what she preaches. A must read book, even if you’re not musical. The principles can be applied to any talent.

Verity Smith

Inspirational for making music!

This book really inspired me to get back to making music after questioning whether I was really good enough to do it for a long while.
The author has a fantastic writing style and breaks down some practical tips for becoming a better musician! Easy to read and digestible in chunks for when you need it most 🙂


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